LAVA Scheduler summary help

Device Type Overview

Overall status

Online devices

The number of devices online and the number of devices defined (includes Offline devices but not Retired devices). This is a link which takes to the page which shows a table with offline devices at the top along with the device type, status and restrictions (if any).

Passing health checks

Each device type can have a single health check job defined which is run automatically. Passing health checks indicates the total number of devices that are passing health checks. It is a link which takes to a page that lists the health status of the devices (excluding Retired devices) with a link to the last run health job - “Last Report Job”.


All devices

List of all the devices available (includes Offline devices and Retired devices). This is a link which takes to the page which shows a table with all devices sorted alphabetically based on the hostname along with the device type, the worker host to which this device belongs to, status and restrictions (if any) and the device health status.

All Active devices

Same as “All devices” explained above, but does not include devices that are Retired.

All Device Health

List of all devices (without Retired devices) with their health status. Shows a link to the last health job that was run on this device and the health job completion time.

Device types

The number of idle, offline, busy or restricted devices of the specified type. Click on the device type to see details of who has access to a restricted device. If a device is counted as restricted, it can be idle, offline or busy and is included in the respective totals. Queue column refers to the number of jobs that are waiting to grab the corresponding device type.

Active Jobs

Jobs that are actively considered by the scheduler for scheduling. The jobs with status such as “Submitted, Running” are listed in this table.


The worker hosts that are connected to this LAVA installation, are listed with details such as:

  • Description: a free text field available to the administrators.

  • Is Master?: is this the master node