The FVP device-type in LAVA refers to running Fixed Virtual Platforms.

LAVA FVP Dispatcher Setup

LAVA executes FVP devices inside Docker containers. Therefore, like any other LAVA dispatcher that can run docker device types, Docker needs to be installed.

FVP Binaries

LAVA does not handle the download of FVP binaries: these are assumed to be in the Docker image defined in the LAVA job.

FVP binaries are not available in any public Docker images and must be download at developer.arm.com. Therefore, custom Docker images must be created for this purpose. Either these images should be built on the dispatcher to use a local image, or they can be pushed to a private registry: FVP binaries must not be redistributed.

Building FVP Docker Images

Once FVP binaries have been obtained from developer.arm.com, these must be built into a Docker image.

There are few dependencies:
  • FVP Binaries
  • telnet command. This is used to connect to a UART.

For these basics, here is a sample Dockerfile to create a Docker image for running FVPs in LAVA, which can be built with a docker build command.